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Company Profile

 Company name

   Techno Consulge, Ltd. 

Head quarters 

   128-1-807 Shimotogari, Nagaizumi-cho, Suntou-gun, Shizuoka 411-0943, Japan

 Phone (Main)

   +81 (0)3 5530 8972     


   +81 (0)3 4578 2003






   Yuki Wakagayashi, Ph. D. 

 Global Liaison

   San Diego, CA, USA 

   ( Techno Consulge, Ltd., P.O Box 212701 Chula Vista, CA, USA  Zip code: 91921 )

 Business summary


  • Marketing and management assistance services, while developing and expanding the business, products and services in Japan. 
           - Consultation, planning and implementation dedicated to localized and strategic marketing
           - Representative of local business operation
           - Selling of all related products.


   The Consulge (Consulting & Concierge) Services for Science & Technology-based Businesses.

Activities Philosophy

    Techno Consulge both equally respects our clients' and employee's true opinions and wholeheartedly commits to achieve and create the true values they wished. We aim to contribute to societal development through that both of them, their families and their environments mutually take prides in their acts and presences and share each other the success, growth, enrichment, achievement.


    Our mission is to contribute to creation of the healthy living with lots of smiles, through the supports and assistances for execution and implementation of the plans and goals of individuals and entities by synergetic integration of human communication, marketing strategy, science and technology.

Major field

  • Healthcare / Life science / Biology / Analysis
  • Human science / Communication science / Marketing / Develoment and Innovation

 Business partner / client

  • Marketing consulting, Business consulting
  • Executive research, Employment agency, Product /Technology development, Writing/Translate, Publication
  • Legal work, Labor service, Tax service, AccountingIntellectual Property
  • Electric equipment, Industrial equipment (Instrument), Analytical equipment, Polymer, Chemical products, Food product, functional food, Biochemistry, Environment, Medical equipment, Medical drug, Diagnostics, Raw materials for drugs, Care and cure materials
  • Venture capital
  • Independent administrative agency, Local government, Foundations, Public office, etc.
  • Individuals

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